The financial crunch looks to be improving, but even in today’s climate, it’s understandable why some families are choosing to give up their annual holiday in preference of a local break, in view of saving money. The thing is, holidays abroad don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and with bargains, offers and deals emerging online all the time, you could take your loved ones away for not much more than a UK staycation would cost.

gran canaria

If you have a large brood and want to enjoy as much as possible on as small a budget as possible, there are several ways to do it. You can find cheap holidays to Gran Canaria online by opting for all inclusive or self catering deals instead of your standard hotel. All inclusive means just that – all food, drinks, snacks and many amenities are all included in the price. It may seem more expensive, but as a whole, it will save you hundreds. Take away all those visits to eateries during your stay, and you will be spending a fraction of the price – particularly if you have more mouths to feed.

Go away during term time. This is particularly easy for those with pre-schoolers. It’s slightly more difficult to take your child out of school when they’re older, but keep an eye on your kids’ term times. Travelling during term time can save a bundle and it’s not as busy, meaning you can thoroughly enjoy your holiday without being overrun by fellow families.

Alternatively, keep an eye on offers such as free child places, which often crop up throughout the year for various resorts. If you’re hoping to bag low cost Florida holidays, you can save money on child places by keeping your eyes peeled and also compromising on what attractions you see. Going to Florida for a week instead of two will halve the costs, whilst taking advantage of flexi-tickets can save heaps.

Book your budget break today and look forward to that annual family holiday you nearly surrendered.