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Africa is arguably among the most fascinating places to travel in the world and guys will definitely be torn on how to maximize on their travel without burning their pockets. With slight differences depending on the country, it is pretty easy to travel cheap in Africa .Here are 5 ways to travel cheap in Africa.

  • Travel during out of peak season: Africa is among the favorite tourist destinations and during the high seasons, everything from airfare to hotels to food can be unreasonably expensive and so if you are flexible, you should make good of the varying seasons and visit during the low season or when the high season is just ending and you will spend less for the same services.
  • Get together in a group and negotiate for everything: it is much easier to bargain for discounts eg accommodation and guided tours and even transportation when in groups. Moving in groups also gives a sense of security just in case of moving around in public. Negotiate for everything from accommodation, food, gifts and even services like taxis or at the foreign exchange bureau.
  • Engage the help of a local while shopping: In Africa most foreigners are perceived as being  well-off and therefore prices of goods especially in open markets and souvenir shops may often be doubled by the sellers.


  • Home stays: these are reasonably cheaper than staying  a hotel and most of the time it is an all round package of accommodation, food, laundry etc. it will also give you an advantage of learning the culture and knowing a local which will save you petty expenses.
  • Take advantage of public transport: it will be fun as you interact with the locals and also very cheap as opposed to hiring a car or a personal driver. The infrastructure is good in many places and it is easy to ask for direction so there’s no fear of getting lost. Taxis are also relatively cheaper and can be used when deemed appropriate like in the night or going to places where buses are not accessible. Use trains or buses where available because they tend to be more comfortable more often cheaper than the small vans.


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