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Being at festivals is like reliving history as well as being part of culture that has been there for generations .Festivals have been known to be a very public affair, where people have loads of fun and have a tendency to let go. Next time there is a festival in your country or during your travel, make sure you to attend coz you will definitely have the time of your life. Here are the five best festivals in the world;

Mardi Gras festival, USA

This two week long event usually takes place in the month of February where people don the colors of green for faith, gold for power and purple for justice and acceptance .The gay-friendly festival is usually characterized with huge parades of uniquely designed floats, music, dancing and marching along different various routes. The tradition of throwing little trinkets as well as medallions from the floats has been in place since the 1870’s and is very popular with the local kids. Besides courlofull parades, Mardi Gras is a time for formal balls and picnics.

Rio carnival, Brazil

Many people from across the globe have been flying down to Rio during this exciting carnival every year. The carnival takes place over a period of four days where the streets are flocked with thousands of samba dancers in unique feather and sequins costumes while onlookers party away along the samba parades. This festival is a must attend event because you will definitely have fun dancing the till you drop.

La Tomatina, Spain

It happens on the last Wednesday of August every year where thousands of people attend the  week long  festival. About 275,625 lb of tomatoes are used and are usually driven into the town by a convoy of trucks. Sober and not so sober participants have the time of their lives throwing tomatoes at each other for an hour leaving the streets blood red.

Beer Festival, Germany

Commonly known as Oktoberfest, this 16 day festival is not any ordinary beer festival. Attracting more than 6 million people from all over the world, the festival has been in place since 1810. For any beer connoisseur or anyone for that matter, this festival should be on your bucket list.

II Palio, festival Spain

It takes place in Siena in the months of June and August. The festival is usually a 90 seconds heart- stopping as well as bone-crunching bareback horserace.  This violent race attracts participants from the 17 neighborhoods found in Siena. The race is highly competitive and a win is considered a rebirth. After the race, the town is filled with music and dancing late into the night .Don’t be surprised when a local offers you wine in a baby bottle when the festivities are come to an end.

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