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China is the perfect destination for travellers on a budget, as there is such an amazing range of experiences that can be had without breaking the bank. Whether you’re backpacking or simply on a budget, travelling in China is both exciting and rewarding. Here are some tips on exploring China for the budget conscious traveller.


Visit the Markets

Going to the markets can be a great way to pick up discount souvenirs, gifts and all sorts of gadgets to take back home with you. From handbags and clothing to memorabilia and toys, the markets offer cheap and cheerful items to suit all interests. Whether you want to update your wardrobe or pick up a gift for someone back home, hitting the markets is a great way to do your shopping on a budget.

Take a Guided Tour

Taking a guided tour is a fantastic way to gain an inside view on the local attractions, history and customs of the area that you are visiting. Surprisingly, many of these tours are cheap, and are more than worth the small amount you’ll pay thanks to the depth of information you receive. By going on a guided tour, you can be sure that you are truly getting the most of your experience in China while enjoying great value for money.

Do Some Research

There are plenty of places you can explore that won’t even cost anything, and these may end up being some of your most treasured memories. Whether it’s discovering the stunning natural beauty of a mountain trek or enjoying the rich cultural experience of visiting the Forbidden City, you can find an amazing array of activities that won’t cost a thing. Tailor your itinerary to suit your interests, and have some time set aside to explore by yourself, then decide which other adventures might suit a guide. You could also consider volunteering, which often provides you with accommodation and some meals in return for giving your time to a worthy cause. There are a range of organisations that offer experiences such as this, so take the time to find one which you would like to support.

Sensational Street Snacks

A great way to try the incredible diversity of Chinese food while on a budget is to sample the fresh food at the stalls that line the streets. At meal times, you’ll have to compete with crowds of locals who descend on the stalls to pick up their favourite specialties. There’s everything from peppery Sichuan cuisine to sizzling stir fry, with a range of traditional dishes from around the country. This is simply the cheapest way to eat in China, and one of the best ways to experience the incredible local cuisine.

These are simple ways that you can explore China without breaking the budget. For more great ways to save, make sure you check out Flight Centre for the best prices on cheap flights and quality accommodation. Let the exotic appeal of China tempt you for your next getaway, and experience the holiday of a lifetime on a budget.