General Travel Tips

The question of whether to take a camera when travelling has been answered and that answer is categorically yes. Now the question is DSLR vs Point and Shoot – which one do you take when you are on the road?

using an iphone as a camera

Not sure the benefits of DSLR vs Point and Shoot when Travelling, here are a few of the things travellers will want to think about when purchasing a travel camera.


Size is perhaps the first thing those who travel will want to consider. If you are travelling with a medium size backpack, space will be limited. Small digital point and shoot cameras can fit, conveniently, into a pocket while a large DSLR will often need its own camera bag. Travellers need to decide which camera size if appropriate for them.


Digital cameras can be very expensive yet there are bargains to be found, for example, best prices for Canon digital cameras. Small point and shoot cameras can be found under £100 but the more advanced cameras, such DSLR, with their better zooms, advanced features and powerful lens, prices can increase. A DSLR can be up to three times more expensive than your average point and shoot.


Along with size, weight is the next most important issue for travellers to consider. While small point and shoots are very light, large DSLR cameras can be very heavy and bulky; again travellers need to decide what weight is appropriate for them.


What is the purpose of you taking a digital camera travelling? Will you simply be photographing your travels for friends and family or do you want to take professional photographs with the view to selling them? How you answer these questions will inform your decision about whether to buy a point and shoot or a DSLR.


While DSLR’s are undoubtedly better cameras in terms of photograph quality, it is up to you to decide whether they are best for you.  For the majority of travellers, a point and shoot digital camera will take sufficient enough photographs to make their friends and family envious.