Most fans of the cult channel four game show watch each episode with mixed emotions. The truth is that however each contestant plays the game, they simply don’t play with the strategy that viewers would have chosen. Everyone at home has their own ideal strategy worked out, planned (often with military precision) to make the most of luck, whilst minimising the chances of the banker lowering his offer.

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The good news is that now everyone can play Deal or No Deal online with Paddy Power’s new Deal or No Deal game. With 26 red boxes containing different amounts, play is exactly the same as in the game on TV. Choose your box to place on the table, then as you eliminate other boxes, the banker will call and make you an offer. Simply choose Deal or No Deal!

Playing online can be much less frustrating than watching on TV, because you can play quickly and without the long drawn out conversations between each round. The TV show is well known for taking advantage of viewers emotions, trying to give as much background information on each contestant as possible and discussing what they would spend any winnings on. Their spouses and children are often discussed, their friends and family who have an illness or injury, their pets or a local good cause they hope to donate to. The relationship between the players is also highlighted, with regular hugging and crying between boxes.

If you play Deal or No Deal online, you can win cash easily using your own strategy. Whether you choose your lucky numbers or simply open random boxes is up to you, but you decide how much or how little to play for, and exactly how quickly or slowly to play. You don’t need to wait for the TV schedule or see any of Noel’s terrible shirts!

The online game is slick and smooth, with beautiful graphics and gameplay that is true to the original game but fast and exciting. Playing for small amounts at first is often a great way to practice, and to get used to how often the banker makes an offer, and how the game is laid out. The screen is almost exactly as seen on TV, and very easy to navigate.