Travel Tips

When we travel it can often cost a lot of hard earned money getting together all the gear we need, I learnt this with Paul Hurdsfield and the gang preparing for our last trip. If it’s for a holiday you may only go on every now and then such as skiing or diving, you could end up spending an arm and a leg on everything you need.


Flights, accommodation, activities and daily expenses can really add up when you travel. Where possible you should try to keep costs down, so don’t go out blowing all your spending money on some expensive gear you’re only going to use one.


Online Marketplace 

Paul Hurdsfield first introduced me to online market places and I have found that they are always a good place to start, here you are able to pick up some great bargains and even bid on them in auctions.

You can save money by shopping online because you will be able to compare several different shops with just a few clicks of your mouse. Some online stores will have crazy sales on it makes it difficult not to buy what you need there and then. If you can find what you need without breaking the bank then snap it up.


You’d be surprised just how many friends out there have travel gear tucked away in cupboards or in the attic. There’s a mountain of ski jackets, salopettes and gloves which have been used only once or twice, so your friends will have no problem lending them to you.

Make sure you ask around checking if there’s any friends who can lend what you need for the holiday, that will save you a lot of money and hassle. It will only cost you a couple of beers or a nice box of chocolates when you come back home.


Facebook isn’t all about posting updates and pictures. There are endless good groups on here, the best ones for travel gear are groups in your local area. You’ve asked your friends, but Facebook will give you a much bigger reach within your town or city. There are always people selling clothes on the local pages at extremely cheap prices. If you put out a post telling people what you need, I am certain you’ll end up with several responses and messages in your inbox. You could even offer to rent the clothes for a week instead of buying if your negotiation skills are up to scratch.