Destinations Planning

You made it to Paris. No more dreaming of croissants, pain au chocolate, red wine and delicious cheese, it’s all on your doorstop. Perfect. But with so much on offer it’s difficult to focus on the best sights in Paris, what should you see, what should you miss?

eiffel tower at night

Well you’ve come to the right place, if you’re on a whistle stop backpacking stint in Europe then you won’t have much time here, not to mention the fact that Paris eats your budget faster than any city in the area. 2 days or so? No probs, just make sure you check out the 5 best sights in Paris:


1)   The Eiffel Tower:

This IS Paris. It’s about $15 to get to the top (only $6 if you walk the first two sets!) but it’s worth it. Climb it in the day, hang around and watch it light up at night. If you’re not inspired by that, you’re doing it wrong.


2)   The Louvre:

Come, queue for hours and be disappointed by the size of the Mona Lisa – it’s a sort of pilgrimage for travelers, so even when you’re pre-warned you still have to do it! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


3) Les Champs-Elysee/ L’Arc De Triumphe

This place is buzzing all day long. Theatres, shops, cafes, bars and then the world famous L’Arc De Triumphe waiting for you at the end. Backpackers beware though, leave your wallet behind or you could find yourself cutting your trip a little short!


4)   Montmarte:

The epitome of cool, Montmarte is home Paris’s huge bohemian community. Dress a little quirky, get drunk during the day, admire some art that you don’t really understand and you’ll fit right in. This place oozes personality, don’t miss it. Also, check out the Moulin Rouge while you’re here 😉


5)   Notre Damn:

The world’s most famous gothic cathedral is more than 800 years old and offers prime facebook profile opportunities. It’s beautiful, impressive, tragic – whatever emotions strike you when you like at this impressive building, they’ll be strong ones. Truly remarkable.


Paris is the city of love, so bring your mrs and treat her to a night in a swanky hotel, try Hôtel du Lys in Paris or its ilk, then you can say you did Paris ‘properly’. Happy travels!