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Ease of access and a rich historical background – these are what England’s Birmingham offers, aside from its proud title as the second largest city of Britain. Birmingham’s history can take us a long way back to the 1800s to the Industrial revolution, but more than that, in this modern day travelers can look forward to some interesting things to see and do in England’s second city.

canal ride Birmingham

Canal Ride, Birmingham

For one, it sits right in the middle of Britain which makes it easily accessible through various means of transportation – plane, train, bus, etc. So once you’ve made it here ,checkout are some of the things you shouldn’t miss:


Yes, shopping. Locals here shop till they drop, Birmingham is a cracking place to hit the shops, with a multitude of things available to suit all budgets, from posh to nitty-gritty goods.  Depending on your taste and budget, the shopping center is filled with stores of glamorous finds, or you can decide to go out to the shopping streets and markets to get some cheap and unique finds. Be sure to check out Birmingham’s famous bullring shopping centre, it’s really a must-see.

Look into its Rich History

Have you gotten into a place and you get to just enjoy the sights and the beauty of an ancient cathedral and museums filled with artworks of brilliant people of the past? For history buffs, this is one of the nice things to do in Birmingham without any strenuous effort at all. Bring a map and stroll through the wonderful landmarks of the city suchas Victoria Square (one of the most famous and well-architected public squares in the countr)y, and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where you can find endless pre-Rafaelite artworks.

Go Karting

If you are up for some adventure and a hyped adrenaline rush, go karting in Birmingham is definitely a must-try. This is no joke as Birmingham houses the most famous raceway in Britain. If you are up for it there are actually four circuits that you can choose from, hence if you are a simple risk-taker and not a pro on this sport, there is actually a Practice Circuit you can hop on to.  And this can be a safe family affair too as this is something kids can also try.

Canal Boat Ride

Even England’s canals show the rich industrial history of the country. While Venice is more famed for canal rides, Birmingham actually has more miles of canal. By going on a tour by boats you will see get to appreciate the varied architecture and colorful buildings from a even better viewpoint than on foot.

Ice Skating

There’s only one skating rink in Birmingham and this you ought to try. The facility, which you can find in Penshore Road, is a place where the Olympic players themselves train. Apart from just ice skating, there are other sports facilities that can be enjoyed here, so if you’re feeling the need for some action, look no further.



Traveling to a huge European city like Birmingham need not be tough; you just need a map, some planning and you are good to go. If budget becomes a problem, you can always find things to do for free or grab some top vouchers to get discounts for some activities you’d want to try. Birmingham often gets over looked by visitors to the UK, so buck the trend, make it further north and you won’t be disappointed. Happy travels!