After you go skiing once to Japan, you’ll never want to go anywhere else! Hakuba Valley has just blown my mind and I can’t recommend why everyone should ski in Japan as soon as possible. powder

The Powder

When you ski in Japan you will skiing in a country with the most reliable on the planet, every season there are powder dumps which are caused by the freezing winds that come from Siberia and over the sea. Of course, once in a blue moon there will be a bad year but that is very rare – so you won’t have worry so much about what to expect.

Top Class Resorts

Did you know that 70% of Japan is covered by mountainous areas and has more than 500 ski resorts? Both of those stats are 100% fact, so you get an idea of why they’re able to produce some top class resorts. Even the most experienced powder lovers will find exactly what they need in Japan. Hakuba is my favourite, you may have heard of it because it is where the winter Olympics took place back in 1998. You also get to immerse yourself in Japanese culture when you’re off the slopes which is a massive bonus!


Hot Springs

If you think that there is anything better for you than soaking in an onsen hot spring after a long day on the slopes then you are wrong, sorry to say it but nothing beats an onsen. I recommend you look for one which has a pool outside, it is beautiful sitting in a steamy hot spring watching the snowflakes fall around you.

 Snow Monkeys

You can find our furry friends easily if you stay in Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen and Shiga Kogen. It will take you a couple of hours maximum to make your way to the place where the snow monkeys bathe in hot springs. It’s awesome watching them soaking and enjoying the warmth of the warm water in Yudanaka – these monkeys are now famous throughout the world.



The best festival is held during Febraury in Sapporo, so if you are heading to ski in Niseko during this time you should definitely go and check out the snow festival. Here you will discover snow and ice sculptures which can be as high as 20 metres! I’ve seen pictures of a snow Taj Mahal and even a snow dinosaur!

Have you been skiing to Japan? I would love to hear all about your experiences, tips and tales. I love it when we can share our first hand experiences with one another to help people plan their trips. All you need to do is pop your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys – I’m really looking forward to what you have to say!