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La Costiera Amalfitana is likely the most scenic place in all of Italy, and that’s definitely saying something. It has immense and impossibly steep cliffs looking over the beautiful cerulean Mediterranean, quaint towns and villages whitewashed or painted in pastels, and some of the best roadside viewpoints you’ll find in Europe. Here are our five top recommendations for postcard-perfect pictures.

Italy / Campania

1. Positano
Probably the Amalfi Coast’s most famous and visited town, and with good reason, Positano is nothing short of gorgeous. Whether viewed from nearby hillsides, a boat in its harbor, or up close in its winding streets where cars are prohibited, it is a town that exudes charm and sophistication. Its brightly painted homes and churches cling to the steep hillside all the way down to the water’s edge, and nowhere are you likely to find a better photo op than right here. It’s known for being expensive, especially in the high season, but you still shouldn’t miss it.

2. Ravello
Located above Amalfi town, Ravello is a smaller and less-visited village in comparison with the other main tourist highlights. It also has some of the best panoramic views of the cliffs, seaside, and tiny villages far below. If you want an idea of the big picture, come here to enjoy the scenery, people, and extensive outdoor concert series that takes place every year from March until November. This is a great place to slow down and enjoy the good life.

5 Most Photogenic Spots on the Amalfi Coast 23. Fiordo di Furore
Why limit yourself to looking down on the scene? Furore’s delicate canyon snakes inward from the sea, spanned by an elegantly arched bridge near its mouth. There is a small village at sea level, and more settlements up above and further inland. The entire area is beautiful, and you is best captured from several angles—from the sea looking in, on the beach looking up, on the bridge looking up, and in a restaurant, looking at a plate of delicious seafood.

4. Anywhere off the highway
The Amalfi Coast is famous for its narrow, winding road that hugs the cliffs endlessly. Driving here is a thrilling (and somewhat death-defying) experience, and if you’re up for the challenge you’ll be rewarded with the freedom to stop whenever you feel like it. Roadside pull-ins, restaurants, and parks are common, and all offer amazing views out over the water. While slowing down long enough to take a photo may make you feel less like James Bond, we still recommend it.

5 Most Photogenic Spots on the Amalfi Coast 3

5. Atrani
It’s tough to get off the beaten path in the Amalfi region, but visitors to Atrani manage to. Those that stay in this tiny hamlet of around 1000 people are rewarded with an old-town vibe and a much slower pace of life. There are also some great opportunities for walks and photographs, of the multiple excellent cathedrals and looking down on the town. This is definitely a place to check out if the tourist hordes start to get you down.

It’s hard to find a place as good as the Amalfi Coast for enjoying beautiful views and taking great photos. Everywhere you turn you’ll find more great shots. We recommend taking your time and getting to know the place better. There’s more here about great places to stay where you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and get great deals on holiday villas. Enjoy!