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No traveler wants to be caught up in a beat-up airport I can vouch for that after a stint with Air Zimbabwe and Air Bangladesh; it is usually not on anybody’s list wish-list. Although most countries have worked hard to improve the status of their airports, some shine brighter than others.

The rankings on the list of the best airports in the world keeps on changing year in year out .The 5 best airports in the world include;

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

My favourite airport, without doubt! This is the best overall airport in the world and is located in South Korea. The airport has world class facilities with excellent customer service. The airport has spacious and air conditioned waiting rooms with comfortable chairs. You will also get the chance to enjoy a wide variety of dishes served at the restaurants within the airport. High class accommodation and passenger handling is also available for VIP persons .Number 1, no doubt.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Located in Singapore the airport is ranked the second best in the world. The airport has a very attractive glass architecture with indoor gardens to top it all up, a really nice place to take those cool photos. This is actually one airport that you can just visit to have the experience even if you are not necessarily travelling! High class dining venues and lounges are quite a number and aimed at serving the thousands of travelers on transit each day.

Hong Kong International Airport, CHina

This airport actually lives on a manmade island. Built to ease the overwhelmed air transport in Hong Kong it has lived up to its name. It features an attractive design and is a product of extreme engineering. More so the airport has the ease of handling thousands of travelers each day not to mention the hundreds of flights on a daily basis. The airport has nice waiting lounges and one gets a chance to have a view of the ocean stretch. Beautiful.

Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam it is ranked fourth on our list of the 5 best airports in the world. This is one airport with a flurry of activities, although none of the smoking variety! Travelers have the chance to shop, eat and dine here as there are numerous shops and restaurants. It a fun airport especially if you are connecting a flight you can never get bored here as the list of what to admire is endless. Its ranking as the fourth nicest airport is well earned if we are to go as per the quality services offered here .If you don’t want to wait at the waiting room you can relax at the numerous highend lounges available. I just hoped you’ve saved up some points!

Beijing Capital International Airport

Based in China’s Capital, It was also gonna be huge! With the high competition in the Asian market this airport stands out not only in Asia but all over the world. The airport has excellent services, high quality customer handling. The airport has an efficient transport system in and out of the airport. More so high class hotels are strategically located in proximity to the airport o no need to hustle a lot getting accommodation. Also, food and drinks are pegged to non-airport prices, gotta be loving that – beer anyone?

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