Planning Travel Tips

Shopping in Singapore varies greatly on what you want to find. And since the national pastime of Singaporeans seem to be shopping, there are a cluster of places where you can go to when you want to shop for pieces.

Haji Lane

For example, vintage lovers need not go any further than Haji Lane. Haji Lane houses rows upon rows of boutiques where you can find the most adorable pieces with some patience. Haji Lane is near the Burgis MRT station in Kampong Glam.

Parco Marina Bay

Ladies, rejoice! The Parco Marina Bay will keep you busy for quite some time. Original designer pieces can be found there and for bargain prices too. Especially if you go during the sale season. The Parco Marina Bay is an 85,000 square feet complex so just getting around the whole thing should take quite some time.

Mustafa Center

Mustafa Center is the perfect place for the techies out there who plan on going to Singapore. It spans two complexes wide and houses everything from native necklaces to the newest gadgets. It’s quite unpredictable what you’re going to find so make sure you bring some extra Singaporean dollars with you on your trip!

Ion Orchard

Lastly, there’s Ion Orchard, the mother of all monster malls in Asia. It showcases a very futuristic architecture and basically looks like a space ship. It has a total of eight retail floors and forty something residential floors. Fashion lovers, this is exclusively for you. The mall has over 300 designer stores and a couple of great dining places too!

Don’t forget to go to these places while Singapore is on its actual sale season. You’ll be spending a whole lot less and taking home a whole lot more than what you bargained for.