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Choosing your next backpacking spot? Airlines have long been associated with cramped seats, high luggage fees and long delays that will leave you with so much pain after you get off the plane. It is advisable that you look for a comfortable airline because traveling internationally can sometimes be a pain as well as tiring. Today, most airlines provide economy class configurations that are sure to make your journey as most comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most comfortable economy airlines in the world;

Air New Zealand

When choosing an economy airline comfort is a top priority. You don’t want to alight only to find yourself so tired and later an un-ending jetlag. You are going to love the space that Air New Zealand provides in their planes. Their cabins are well designed and very pretty. Some planes even come with purple mood lighting. Air New Zealand’s staff is fabulous, friendly and very helpful. Love in-flight entertainment? Air New Zealand economy class provides a wide variety of entertainment options. They have the some of the best food in this class and provide a wide selection of foods and drink as well as amenity kits and snacks which are available mid-flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Air provides a top of the class service. They have an excellent economy class service that you won’t forget. Their sarong-clad staff is very friendly and ready to provide the much needed help. They provide very roomier and comfortable seats. If you are looking for your own personal space then Singapore Airlines have designed the perfect seating for you with maximum legroom. If food is your love, Singapore Airlines provide an excellent selection with Asian delight as well as international flavors. One thing that separates them from the rest is the in-flight entertainment options available on Kris World which guarantees an outstanding experience; you will find it difficult to get off the plane.

The Emirates

Everyone dreams of the day you can just sit, relax and stay in touch while on flight. Emirates provides just close to that. They have well designed cabins with the much needed space for your comfortable flight. They also provide you with the ability to communicate using telephone, email or SMS. The Emirates economy class also provides in-light meals from a wide menu selection including regionally inspired dishes. You are going to love the in-flight entertainment options with a wide selection of movies, news and TV programs.

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