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Who said learning a new language at an older age is hard? it is really a wrong notion and I wish I had the opportunity to whip anyone who says that coz there are just too many pessimists around. A proven fact about learning a new language is that it is always guaranteed fun and easy especially if you don’t have to sit any exams.
First of all Passion towards learning will make it all happen. Interest plays a very big role because if you are passionate about the language you will put in more effort and practice more often and with that you will learn quite quickly. Some of the easiest languages to learn include


With a 26-letter alphabet and easy pronunciations, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. Like the International Phonetic Alphabet (words written in brackets in the dictionary), Indonesian is spelled the way it is written. Most of its syllables consist of a single vowel and one or two consonants with the exception of the diphthong which does not adhere to the one vowel rule. The slight difference with English is the vowel pronunciation:
A is as ah in English
E is as a in English
I is as e in English
O is as oh in English
U is as oo in English


This language of Bantu origin which is spoken mainly in Kenya and Tanzania it is easy and fun to learn. Though it has derived most of its vocabulary from Arabic origin, over the years through contact, it has included languages such for instance Persian, native African languages and much more. Pronouns are the same for all genders and therefore he, she, he and she are not distinguishable in Swahili. The verbs always carry with them the subject /objects and the tense e.g ninacheza is a complete sentence meaning I am playing. The vowel pronunciations are
similar to the Indonesian one. For example mimi is pronounced as me-me.


Spanish has about 330 million native speakers; it is the second most spoken language behind English so if all these people can learn it you are not any different. Much of its vocabulary is similar to that of English and it has only ten vowel sounds making its grammar and pronunciation relatively easy. It is easy to read because the words are written as pronounced.
Furthermore it’s a love language so if you are having a crush on someone hit them with a few words and gets them mesmerized.