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Half the time spent in Lake Tahoe is spent outside out on the Lake, back on the shore or exploring the mountains when the sun is shining or the snow is falling. Many places in Lake Tahoe offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the crystal-clear waters,
and it’s really not hard to get to a point where you can enjoy an awesome view of it all while you’re here. While all of the views are good, some of them are next to nothing when it comes to taking your breathe away.


From a Ski Resort
The views don’t really get more divine than they do from Heavenly Mountain. this is one of the most unique resorts in the world. The slopes overlook the waters of Lake Tahoe better than any resort in the area, and the Lake looks even blue from way up here. But that’s really not the only advantage this resort has over a few of the others in the area. Heavenly offers more variety and more hidden glades than any of the resorts in the area. While those things are awesome, the resort is also convenient to travelers, located right off 3 of the major (and well maintained) US Highways and Interstates. One other thing that’s pretty heavenly about this place’s location is that it gives skiers and boards the opportunity to be in two places at once. The ski resort is located right on the border of California and Nevada, so whether you’re riding the state line on a snowboard in the winter or a bike in the summer, you’ll definitely want to consider riding it here.

From a Hiking Trail
As stated, there are several biking and hiking trails at Heavenly Mountain Resort after all the snow melts, but there are definitely a few other notable hikes to check out too. The Mount Tallac hike is a full day commitment, coming in just under 10 miles, but it offers some pretty unbeatable views from 9,735ft above sea level. The elevation over the course of this hike increases by 3,500ft, which sounds pretty intense, but it’s even more than you can probably imagine. This hike is a real thigh-burner, but it’s worth every step.
For a hike that’s a lot shorter but just as difficult with great views, consider the 4 mile hike at Angora Lake that even hosts a refreshment stand with the (self-proclaimed) best lemonade in Lake Tahoe.
Another full day hike that’s a lot easier, but still not for the weak of heart, is the Diamond Peak hike from Tahoe Meadows. Start out in a beautiful and pleasant meadow, but prepare yourself for the 11 mile hike ahead. The highest point is about 8,800ft up, and this is a great path for mountain bikers who make this trail a regular destination.

From a Hotel
The Lakeshore Lodge and Spa is one of the best Lake Tahoe hotels when you’re looking for a view from your bed, from your porch or from the on-site pool. This is actually the only property in Tahoe with a full Lake view from every room, so you don’t have to pay extra to get a glimpse of these waters. If you make this your lodging choice in Tahoe, don’t stay in your room the whole time. Get out and enjoy all the things nearby, including the hotel’s own 500ft private beach.

While some views are better, every spot has some of its own perks that make it worth the time, whether it’s awesome runs at a ski resort or intense trails on a full day hike, every destination in Tahoe has something going for it, and many of them have a beautiful view to make that something even better!

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