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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are a wide variety of mobile phone apps that can be incredibly useful tools for any traveler. Let us give you a run-down of our favorites!

10 Best Apps for Travelers 11. TripIt
A comprehensive traveler’s app that links up with your email account and calendar to retrieve itineraries, confirmation numbers, or flight information and stores them all in one place for easy viewing. For a little extra money, the Pro version give you access to check in easily, switch your seating, and pay for checked bags ahead of time.

2. GateGuru
This app allows you to see a map of the airports your traveling through, including shopping and food options in each terminal. It can manage information ranging from flight status, security wait times, airport weather, arrival and departure info, and last minute rental bookings.

3. Skype
Skype has become an essential tool for any traveler trying to keep in touch with loved ones back home, or to make any number of important phone calls while abroad. Wifi has become so widely available around the world that it is much cheaper and easier to rely on than a calling card.

10 Best Apps for Travelers 24. XE Currency
This free currency converter lets you calculate up-to-the-minute live rates and charts for every world currency. It also allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 10 separate currencies if you’ve been on the road too long and are constantly in between countries.

5. iXpenseit
Extremely helpful for backpackers on a tight budget, this app allows you to organize and monitor your everyday spending and set visual budgeting limits for yourself. It simplifies daily expense tracking, and can even store photo receipts so you have less to keep track of.

6. Google Translate
Though you do need an internet connection for this one, it basically speaks for itself. You might also be surprised at how fun it can be to have a conversation between two people that don’t share a single word in common using this basic tool of communication.

7. Foodict
This food dictionary contains over 2,100 foreign food words, including local and international food expressions. No internet connection is necessary, so carry it with you into any restaurant and order away without fear of what you may end up eating.

8. PicTranslator
This is the first picture translating app on the market. Take a picture of a sign (or map, menu, newspaper, etc.) and it can translate what it says from 16 languages into English. To help you along, the app can also read the words aloud to help you with pronunciation.
10 Best Apps for Travelers 39. HearPlanet Lite
Forget lugging around travel guides when you can use this portable audiobook on your mobile device. “The World’s Largest Audio Guide” lets you learn about popular tourist attractions, and even can alert you to nearby attractions anywhere that you go.

10. Couchsurfing Mobile
The amazing website has been turned into a mobile app! You shouldn’t consider traveling without Couchsurfing, the world’s largest social travel network that allows you to connect with a global community of other travelers and international hosts anywhere in the world.

Doesn’t that make life sound easier already? If you don’t have a smartphone yet to take advantage of these, there are cheap payment plans available for just about any kind on sites like Get one and start your travels today!